Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder

Tucked away in the lush forests of Brazil grows a powerful medicinal mushroom known as Agaricus blazei. Revered in Eastern medicine for centuries, modern science is now uncovering its immunostimulant effects.

Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder is prepared using an alcohol and hot water dual extraction method to maximize potency. This article dives into the origins, research-backed benefits, and suggested uses of Agaricus blazei mushroom extract powder.

As the famous saying goes, “let food be thy medicine.” While modern pharmaceuticals have their place, nature provides a cornucopia of medicinal foods and herbs. Mushrooms, in particular, harness unique healing compounds not found in plants.

The Agaricus genus contains over 400 species, most known for their culinary and gourmet value. However, one variety stands out for its exceptional medicinal merits – Agaricus blazei Murrill, better known as “God’s Mushroom.”

Indigenous to the rainforest regions of Brazil, Agaricus blazei has an extensive history of traditional use against infection and disease. Local legends claim this mushroom protected villagers from illness despite rampant infections. The native people shared wild harvested blazei mushrooms with sick Japanese farmers who later brought samples back home to study.

Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder underwent extensive research in Japan throughout the 1960s-1990s to validate traditional claims. The results showed remarkable immunomodulating, anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and protective benefits. No toxicity was found even at very high doses.

So what makes Agaricus blazei extract so powerful? And why go through a dual extraction process? Two key medicinal constituents called beta-glucans and triterpenes largely drive its therapeutic effects.

Beta-glucans are complex sugars found in mushroom cell walls. They cannot be broken down by human digestion and pass intact into the small intestine. Here immune cells eagerly gobble them up. This primes white blood cells including macrophages for an amplified domino effect against future threats.

Triterpenes encompass various mushroom antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. These grease the wheels of proper immune function while conferring added protection benefits. Hot water and alcohol extractions draw out both water and fat soluble compounds from Agaricus fruiting bodies for full potency in the final powder.

Now that the origins and science are covered, what benefits might one gain from this dual extracted blazei mushroom powder? Let’s explore some key advantages.

Firstly, Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder makes for an excellent daily immune booster and guardian against seasonal bugs. Several clinical studies found daily supplementation increased levels of immune cells and antibodies including:

  • Natural killer cells – front line fighters that quickly eliminate threats as they arise
  • Interleukin-4 – stimulates antibody production
  • Immunoglobulins – disease fighting antibodies

Another promising effect of Agaricus blazei includes potential tumor fighting abilities. Evidence indicates beta-glucans and triterpenes may halt mutagen production, slow tumor growth and stop metastatic spread.

Research also supports using Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder as an adjunct therapy for chronic hepatitis and diabetes management. Improvements involved increased liver function, reduced insulin resistance and better glycemic control.

For those struggling with autoimmunity issues including eczema, lupus and inflammatory bowel disease, Agaricus blazei extract holds promise for easing flare ups by regulating overactive immune responses. Always consult your health practitioner before using adaptogens with your condition.

Rounding up the benefits list, this dual extracted mushroom powder promotes healthy digestion, sharp mental performance and lasting energy minus the crash. The bioactive polysaccharides and plant sterols likely sustain balanced intestinal microbiota as well.

When using any new supplement, proper dosing helps unlock results. For Organc Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder, general recommendations suggest 1,500 to 4,500 mg daily. This big range accounts for using blazei mushrooms for prevention vs therapeutic results. Start low with one capsule daily alongside food, or stirred into a smoothie. Monitor effects for 2-4 weeks before increasing your dose if needed.

As with any medicinal mushroom powder, source matters immensely. Crucial considerations when buying Agaricus blazei extract include verifying:

  • Organic authenticity – free from irradiation, pesticides and contamination
  • Dual hot water plus alcohol extraction for full potency
  • Standardized beta-glucan content which directly fuels immunomodulation
  • Sustainably sourced from native regions to preserve superior gene lines
  • Making sure to buy capsules vs loose powder to avoid heavy metal accumulation

Finding Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder checked against this high quality criteria list guarantees safety and maximum therapeutic benefits as supported by research.

While the immune enhancing and potential anti-cancer benefits seem promising, how confidently do Agaricus blazei extracts perform in clinical practice?

Human trials consistently confirm Organic Agaricus Blazei Dual Extract Powder works to increase disease fighting white blood cells after regular dosing. One placebo controlled study followed patients with advanced cancer undergoing chemotherapy.

Significantly higher natural killer cell activity emerged in subjects taking Agaricus Blazei extract powder compared to placebo. This resulted in fewer side effects and a higher quality of life during treatment. Follow up research in athletes making it through cold/flu season without falling ill also backs the protective effects.

Another question involves whether taking blazei mushrooms could negatively interact with medications or medical protocols. So far research indicates these extracts are very safe with no drug interactions known. However those who are immunocompromised or taking immunosuppressants should exercise caution before using immunostimulant supplements. Start slow and monitor effects closely by staying in touch with your doctor.

Lastly as science progresses, the mechanisms of how Agaricus Blazei provides such powerful disease protection keep unfolding. In tumor applications, extracts seem to stimulate macrophage immune cell attacks against cancerous tissues.

Anti-angiogenesis is another pathway blazei mushrooms disrupt – cutting off the blood supply tumors need to thrive. The future looks bright in fully harnessing Agaricus Blazei’s multipronged healing potentials.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Agaricus blazei is a medicinal mushroom from the forests of Brazil with a long history of traditional use against disease.
  2. Modern research confirms Agaricus blazei has immunomodulating, anti-tumor, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. Dual extraction methods using water and alcohol ensure maximum potency by capturing both water and fat soluble compounds.
  4. Taking Organic Agaricus Blazei extract daily shows promise for boosting immunity against infections, regulating autoimmunity, easing digestive issues and enhancing cognition.
  5. Anti-cancer effects stem from beta-glucans and triterpenes which halt mutagen production, slow tumor growth rates and may prevent spread.
  6. Suggested daily dosing ranges from 1500-4500mg taken consistently alongside food for the best absorption and therapeutic effects.
  7. When buying Agaricus blazei mushroom supplements, verify organic authenticity, dual extraction methods, bet-glucan standardization and sustainable sourcing for purity and potency.

Agaricus blazei extract powder makes an excellent add-on to boost immunity against modern threats when taken regularly. Demonstrating anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and infection protecting merits – what’s not to love about this powerhouse Brazilian mushroom? Consider adding “God’s mushroom” as your daily health guardian and defense system support.

What extraction method does Erbology use and why?

Erbology utilizes a dual hot water and organic ethanol extraction process for their organic Agaricus blazei mushroom powder. Hot water pulls water soluble beta-glucans while alcohol insoluble triterpenes need organic ethanol to be properly captured. This proprietary dual method ensures the full spectrum of mushroom phytochemicals are extracted for maximum immunomodulating potency.

Is Agaricus blazei mushroom safe to take daily long term?

Yes, Agaricus blazei extract powder has an exceptional safety profile with no known toxicity. Studies used very high doses daily for months on end demonstrating powerful immune enhancing effects and no adverse reactions. 3-6 capsules daily equals a therapeutic dose for robust protection. Always start low with supplements and monitor your response.

Will Agaricus blazei interact with medications I’m taking?

To date, no negative medication interactions are known for Agaricus blazei mushroom supplements. However, due to its immune boosting nature, those on immunosuppressant drugs or managing autoimmunity should use caution and consult their doctor before starting this or any immunomodulator. Monitor for changes when adding in.

What’s the difference between Agaricus subrufescens and Agaricus blazei?

While related mushroom species under the Agaricus genus, Agaricus subrufescens is actually the scientific name for the common white button cultivated mushroom. Agaricus blazei refers to a totally separate wildcrafted species from the jungles of Brazil with exceptional medicinal value but lacks gourmet culinary traits. Don’t confuse the two!

Can I Use Agaricus blazei If I’m on chemotherapy or radiation?

Early research shows outstanding promise for Agaricus blazei mushroom powder providing added protection against the immune depleting effects of conventional cancer therapies. Study patients co-administered standardized extracts tolerated chemo better and sustained higher immune cell counts during treatment while battling advanced cancers. Always chat with your oncologist about add-on therapies in a supportive care plan for you. Monitor blood counts and how you feel closely with any additions alongside conventional protocols.

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